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Candlemas Day
          Crêpes are soooooo good! 

          With hot chocolate, whipped cream, banana or flambé, there is something for everyone! But you know Grandma Ginette who always adds 3 tons of butter and whole milk... and that ruins your abs!

          Les Tutos Lorena offers you a recipe low in calories -but not in taste- that will love, without breaking your diet, and we are sure that grandma will be happy to taste them with you !

          They are prepared with sweet potato flour or oatmeal, according to preference, to be eaten in moderation with our low carb spreads!

                                  Sweet potato flour version : Mix 100gr of sweet potato flour and 4 eggs, then 10cl of vegetable milk. Cook in a pan with coconut oil. 

                                  Oatmeal version : Mix 100gr of oat flour and 4 eggs, then 25-30cl of vegetable milk. Cook in a pan with coconut oil.
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