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Sport Nutrition is the reference in sport nutrition and weight management since 1991. Whether you are accomplished athletes or sportsman concerned about maintaining your body, you've come to the right place !


Sport Nutrition is first and foremost:

- The largest chain of sports nutrition stores in Belgium ; 

- Professional advices focused on customer’s objectives ;

- The best prices on the market;

- Permanent promotions.

Sport-Nutrition is also the largest choice in Belgium with a selection of the most famous sports nutrition and wellness brands, such as Scitec Nutrition, Starlabs Nutrition, Addict Sport Nutrition, Stacker2, Olimp, BioTechUSA, Nanox Nutriceuticals, SynTech Nutrition, Trec Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Ironmaxx, Overstims, Bolero, Nocco, Biotona, Twinlab and many more.

At Sport-Nutrition you will find the full range of the best food supplements on the market including protein-whey, casein, gainers, fat burners, BCAA, amino acids, carnitine, creatine, omega-3, vitamins, ...

Sport Nutrition also offers you food products such as protein bars, flours, pasta and butter spreads, oils, syrups, light sauces, energy drinks, as well as vegan products. Sport Nutrition also offers a range of sports accessories, including some items branded "Sport Nutrition". 

Whatever your objectives, you will exactly find what you need in our stores or on our webshop !