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How to dry and take lean body mass during summer? Summer is finally here ! Your annual holidays are already booked but you wonder if you dare put a swimsuit at the beach because of those little lovely handles. Do not panic, follow our guide to build a tonic fat free body.


By Jennifer
On 29-06-2016 09:00
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  • Increase your protein intake. In order to dry, you must consume 2 to 3 gr of protein per kg body weight.
  • Focus on lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish) and egg whites.
  • Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and eat more foods with a low glycemic index, outside training periods.
  • Consume good source of fat, such as avocado, linseed oil and canola, oilseed dried fruit. Quantity must be limited not to take fat.
  • Split your meals to speed up metabolism. Eat at least 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Be sure to eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism high.
  • Stay hydrated: Be sure to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Water helps to increase the volume of muscle cells and drain the body.



  • Depending on your morphological type, your choice will vary between a Whey Isolate (for endomorph, tend to overweight), a Whey (for mesomorph, already tonic but often fat) or Lean Gainer ( for ectomorph, very thin and already very dry).
  • Amino acids are essential to the gain of dry mass because they can curb the catabolism and accelerate muscle building.
  • BCAA's are top of the list because they are not synthesized by the body.
  • Fat burners and L -Carnitine optimize fat loss.
  • CLA is also useful for losing fat.



  • Depending on your availability to go training, work 2-3 muscle groups per session. For example : Back and chest - biceps and triceps - shoulders, abs and legs
  • Always start your session with a polyarticular basic exercise (such as squat, developer, lying or deadlift) to stimulate anabolism (muscle growth).
  • Then go on machines and use free weights for your finishing exercices.
  • Add 15 to 30 minutes of cardio at the end of your session to maximize fat loss.


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