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50% Zenith High Protein

50% Zenith High Protein

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The 100g bars Zenith® IronMaxx® is characterized mainly by the maximum protein content of 50% and minimum carbohydrate proportions! Thus, this protein bar is a very practical and indispensable source of protein for those who also want to go meet a high protein diet. The Zenith® bar IronMaxx® is your ideal source of protein in every situation! Not only during the day, at work or in leisure time, Zenith® is suitable as a protein bar for in between. Particularly benefit from athletes before the 100g bars, during or after exercise. Because the milk protein contained is rich in all amino acids and has a very high biological value. The protein contained in maximum concentration (50%!) Contributes to increase and maintain muscle mass! Conveniently located in the protein mixture of animal and vegetable protein sources Zenith® impresses with its delicious taste and is therefore of interest not only for athletes. Even though the cravings times strikes again with non-athletes, the high protein bars, because of its low fat content, a tasty alternative to conventional chocolate bars.


Conventional bars often have 10-20-fold in sugars (net carbs) and just one-third of the protein content of this protein bar. Zenith® convinces with only 3% of Net Carbs. Net Carbs are carbohydrates with a big impact on blood sugar levels. A majority of the carbohydrates contained in the Zenith® are called sugar substitutes or polyols (polyhydric alcohols). In recent years there have been frequent debates on whether sugar substitutes are to be credited to the total carbohydrate content. These would increase the carbohydrate content which in a low carbohydrate diet is of great importance. Robert Atkins himself - virtually the inventor of the low-carb diet - is of the opinion that polyols may not be counted in the daily carbohydrate balance. Therefore, particularly in the phase of weight loss and definition phase, the Zenith® is a good option to supply the body with high quality protein and carbohydrates without sacrificing a tasty bar.

- an increase in muscle mass
- maintaining the muscle mass

Consume 1-2 bars as a snack at any time of day. The Zenith ® is also perfect as a snack before, during or after exercise.


Ingredients (chocolate): mixture of proteins (mixture of milk proteins and peptides, collagen, whey protein isolate, milk protein), humectant (glycerine), chocolate coating for diet (cocoa liquor, maltitol, butter) cocoa, emulsifier (soy lecithin), aroma (vanillin)), invert sugar syrup, vegetable fat, cocoa powder (2.29%), flavorings, grated chocolate (1.5%) (sugar, cocoa mass, low fat cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soy lecithin)), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vegetable oil, sweetener (sucralose), May contain traces of gluten and egg.