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Beta-alanine powder is the perfect complement to creatine or Nanoproxil.

The combination with histidine allows the body to create carnosine. This reaction occurs in the muscles in the presence of both amino acids, a reaction in which beta-alanine is the limiting factor. Beta-alanine supplementation leads to an efficient production of carnosine, a substance that has a useful effect on the buffering power of muscles and therefore decreases the presence of lactic acid during training or competition.

Several clinical studies have shown that the use of 400 mg or 800 mg multiple-dose supplementation strategies, administered at regular intervals for up to eight hours, for periods of 4 to 10 weeks, was able to increase carnosine concentration. After a 10-week supplementation strategy, the reported increase in intramuscular carnosine levels was 80.1% on average.

In this way, beta-alanine offers benefits for all athletes and in all sports disciplines, making it suitable for use by people doing strength and endurance sports. Taking beta-alanine creates a sensation of tingling or tingling, but people get used to it after taking the supplement for a while.


100% pure Beta Alanine powder