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Biscuit Grenade
From 2.55

Grenade continue down their explosive path to revolutionising healthy snacking, with a 'carb-killin' ... COOKIE!

As if spreads, bars and brownies weren't enough, Grenade have taken that same winning Carb Killa secret formula, with similar awesome nutritionals (less than 230 calories per pack, 0.8g sugar per cookie and 6g protein per biscuit!) and mixed it into their high protein, low sugar Carb Killa Biscuit! 

Launching in Salted Caramel and Double Chocolate, each pack contains two chunky, crunchy, chocolate coated biscuits that make a great healthier cookie alternative for your morning cuppa combo! Dunk it, munch it, anytime, anywhere... you can't go wrong with a cookie! Even better? This biscuit is totally free from any animal derived foods, so all the vegetarian Carb Killa fans can finally get involved!