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Calcium and Magnesium are two essential minerals for the correct functioning of enzymatic reactions both in muscles and other body tissues. Calcium contributes to the normal function of skeletal muscle and has a role in contraction processes (crucial for activities such as lifting). It also acts at bone-level, with a structural role in the maintenance of bones and teeth.
People intolerant to lactose are at risk of developing calcium deficiencies, being perfect candidates for the supplementation with this mineral.

Magnesium, on the other hand, is involved in the majority of cellular functions and the metabolism of food, being its deficiency a very important health problem with direct implications on skeletal muscle and heart health. The practice of different sport activities causes a loss of magnesium that we need to recovery either through diet or supplementation.


Both minerals work directly or indirectly in the synthesis of proteins and energy metabolism, so, presenting adequateamounts of these is essential to maximize our athletic performance.


  • Provides the recommended dail dietary allowance (RDA) for calcium and magnesium
  • Contributes to muscles and bones metabolism
  • Improves cell functions


Takes 2 casules daily, preferably with meals


calcium carbonate (38.6% ca), magnesium citrate (17% mg, anticaking agents (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), sodium borate (borax 11%), vegetal capsule 000 white (coating agent hydroxypropyl methycellulose), color E-171).


Valeur nutritive par portion
Voedingswaarde per portie
Nutritional value per serving
(= 2 caps)
% AJC (par dose)
% ADH (per portie)
% RDA (per serving)
Calcium 486 mg 60%
Magnesium 200 mg 53%
Borate de sodium/ Natriumboraat/ Sodium borate 18,2 mg -
dont bore/ waarvan borium/ of wich boron 2 mg -