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Chlorella + Spirulina Chlorella + Spirulina
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Biotona Raw Organic Powder of Chlorella + Spirulina is produced from 100% organic algae. After harvesting, these algae are dehydrated by a superior drying process that guarantees the preservation of their nutritional value.


Chlorella, which is naturally rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, is a natural source of protein and amino acids in perfect proportions. Spirulina is a bluish green, spiral-shaped freshwater algae that has been used for over a thousand years as a food resource. This alga contains a veritable treasure trove of phytonutrients and is the most concentrated source of protein known today (up to 70%). Spirulina supports fitness and vitality in general.


  • Natural source of protein and amino acids
  • 70% protein
  • Supports form and vitality 

Add Biotona Chlorella + Spirulina Organic Raw Powder in your smoothies and shakes in combination with (juices of) fruit or other superfoods, or simply in milk, yoghurt or a little water as a snack. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.


chlorella powder * (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) (50%), spirulina powder * (Spirulina plantensis) (50%) from China

Valeur nutritive par 100g
Voedingswaarde per 100g
Nutritional value per 100g
Valeur Energétique/ Energetische waarde/ Energy value 1448 Kj/346 Kcal
Lipides/ Vet/ Fat 7,7 gr
Graisses saturées/ Verzadigd vetten/ Saturated fats 3 gr
Glucides/ Koolhydraten/ Carbohydrate 4 gr
Sucres/ Suikers /Sugars <0,5 gr
Protéines/ Eiwitten/ Proteins 60 gr
Fibres/ Vezels/ Fibers 10 gr
Sel/ Zout/ Salt 0,76 gr