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Cyclo Pro - Starlabs

Cyclo Pro - Starlabs

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Thanks to the latest advances in industrial carbohydrate production, CYCLO PROTM has been developed, combining a new type of high-speed digestion dextrin: the DextrinTM Cluster, premium BCAAs and KyowaTM Glutamine.
Starlabs CYCLO PROTM provides the perfect ingredients to generate a unique formula that will give you a product of the highest performance. Ideal during or after your workout for:
-Promote a reduction of fatigue
-A prolonged energy intake during the session
-Improve muscle and energy health,
-A better recovery
Starlabs CYCLO PROTM is a perfect intra-workout formula for athletes thanks to its high solubility and speed to reach the blood stream.
Glucose levels remain high in the blood and are ideal for endurance sports. In addition, it ensures the reconstitution of minerals during the rehydration process by avoiding sodium deficiencies (which is not the case with standard isotonic drinks).
A shorter residence time in the stomach makes it possible to design a sports drink quickly absorbed by the body. The energy from these carbohydrates reaches the muscles quickly and steadily.