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Hydro Iso Whey Isobolic

Hydro Iso Whey Isobolic

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Isobolic is a premium bi-source protein. Indeed, this formula was re thought to be able to offer to the most demanding sportsmen, the best source of proteins equipped with amino acids with ultra fast absorption.

Isobolic whey consists of 50% hydrolyzed whey (the most qualitative whey on the market) and 50% Whey isolate (pure and filtered whey).

With its high protein content (27.8g) per serving of 30g, it offers 11g of BCAA and 3.3g of glutamine for people who want fast results with a dry muscle quality! It also has less than 1% fat and is free of sugar and aspartame. It is therefore intended for the most demanding people on the quality of their physique and the products they consume on a daily basis. The tastes are also successful and light. No particular digestion problem was noticed during the tests.

The benefits of Isobolic whey:
Hydrolyzed and Isolated Whey Protein Association
Unmatched quality / price ratio
High content of BCAA (11g)
High content of Glutamic Acid (3.3g)
No sugar or aspartame
Less than 1% fat
Brings 27.8g of protein per serving of 30g 

How to use Isobolic?
Mix 1 serving (30g) in 200-240ml of water or favorite drink after intensive physical training.
For best results, take 2 to 3 times a day between meals.