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Iso Juice - Starlabs

Iso Juice - Starlabs

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The CFM isoJuice is formulated exclusively with Arla's Lacprodan® SP9225, a microfiltration process through a cross-process. IsoJuice brings you the most refreshing and intense flavors of summer, containing all its qualities and purity. This advanced production technique is used to guarantee the best quality of the product, avoiding the denaturation and the loss of the raw material. 


With 27% BCAA, IsoJuice is one of the whey isolates with the highest percentage of amino acids, which provides an excellent anti-catabolic effect and thus, improve muscle building. It is ideal for people who want to develop their lean muscle mass or support their weight loss.

-100% pure protein isolate
-High BCAA content
-Taste refreshing and delicious
-Assimilation and ultra fast absoption
-CFM Microfiltration 


Mix a pod (30g) with 200-300 ml of water and drink after exercise.