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Kre-Alkalyn 2500 Mega Caps

Kre-Alkalyn 2500 Mega Caps

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KRE ALKALYN 2500 from OLIMP is a proprietary form of high bioavailability creatine monohydrate, which complements creatine needs in muscle tissue much more efficiently than a single monohydrate.

It stores and transports the phosphate groups necessary for the synthesis of proteins and contractions of muscle fibers.

Creatine regulates the contraction of muscle fibers as well as 10 consecutive steps of protein synthesis of these fibers. This is why it is considered the most effective means of assisting the effort and facilitating the development of strength and mass.

Since creatine is mostly converted into worthless creatinine as soon as it is dissolved in a liquid or in the stomach, simple creatine monohydrate supplements actually provide the muscles with very little active substance and their effectiveness is well lower than the dose ingested.

KRE ALKALYN 2500 is the only patented form in the world of pure creatine, which: does not turn into inactive creatinine in solutions or in the stomach does not cause subcutaneous water retention does not require loading period because it is much stronger than a single creatine monohydrate gives incomparably stronger protein synthesis and ergogenic effects, at a lower relative cost.