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Pack 100% Whey 2000gr + Complete BCAA (Stacker2) Pack 100% Whey 2000gr + Complete BCAA (Stacker2)

Pack 100% Whey 2000gr + Complete BCAA (Stacker2)

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What does this pack contain? :

100% Whey 2000gr: 

Well known for its taste, the 100% Whey from Stacker 2 is an ideal protein to develop quality dry muscle mass. 

100% Whey does not contain simple sugars and saturated fats making it a very useful protein during the diet. 

- Your base for optimal muscle development. 

- Contains only whey of maximum biological value. 

- Avoids any undesirable catabolism. 

- Free of sugar and aspartame. 

- Dissolves perfectly, without lumps. 

- Succulent (unctuous) drink. 

- Includes a blend of whey isolate and high quality whey concentrate. Each dose of 100% Whey brings not less than 24g of protein! 

Complete BCAA: 

 Kick-Start Protein Synthesis 

Complete BCAA contains 60 x 5 grams of high performance BCAA complex. Micronized BCAA has a natural taste and you can use this product as is or mix it to a pre-workout or even add it to a protein shake. 

The benefits of the BCAA 3: 1: 1 ratio 

Complete BCAA contains high quality BCAAs, as well as the highest quality ratio of 3: 1: 1. The L-Leucine dose is three times that of L-isoleucine and L-Valine. Leucine is the most valuable amino acid for athletes. According to scientific researchers, its pro-anabolic and anti-catabolic effects increase the accumulation of muscle proteins by 16%. Bodybuilders of all ages will recover faster and develop more muscle if their food is rich in BCAA. 

 The benefits of BCAA COMPLETE: 

-The Optimal ratio 3: 1: 1 

-Increased protein synthesis 

-Improved nitrogen retention 

-Absorption fast 

-It mixes well and dissolves easily 

Full BCAA is part of the essential line of Stacker2 Europe, offering pure and reliable ingredients for all athletes