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If you are a fan of long-lasting efforts, the Endurance pack will be your best partner for an adapted energy supply throughout your training sessions.

What does this Endurance pack contain ?

OLIMP - Iso Plus Powder

Iso Plus Powder is an isotonic and carbohydrate preparation (fast sugars), enriched with l-carnitine and l-glutamine, specially designed for endurance sports.

Long-lasting efforts can be sustained as long as energy is supplied without interruption. Iso Plus provides a rapidly assimilated carbohydrate matrix, electrolytes, as well as carnitine and glutamine. Indeed, l-carnitine breaks down fats to transform them into energy and glutamine protects the digestive system, especially the intestinal system, which is often put to the test during long-term efforts (marathon, triathlon, trails...).

OLIMP - Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA

It is a supplement in the form of a gel intended for people practicing endurance sports.

This gel boosts energy, reduces fatigue and allows optimal muscle recovery and endurance.

Sport Nutrition Water Bottle

With a capacity of 750 ml, ideal for your intra-training drink, or for optimal hydration during your training, races or matches.

This pack will be ideal to improve your endurance during football matches, during your cycling and running outings,...

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