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Spray Cuisson
5.90 €7.90

LIFE PRO NUTRITION is a cooking spray based on extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed. A wide range of flavors that will delight the most greedy of you. The aromas are incredible realism, and are ultra gourmet to vary your culinary preparations!

Thanks to the sprays, flavor your salads, your vegetables, your meats. Cook your meat with different flavors.


Extra virgin olive oil, soy lecithin, vitamin E

Nutritional values ??for a serving of 1.5 gr = 1 dose

Energy value: 13.5 Kcal

Fat: 1.50 gr

Saturated fat: 0.20gr

Mono unsaturated: 0.11gr

Poly unsaturated: 0.11gr

Carbohydrates: 0.00gr

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