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Ultra Amino Ultra Amino
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Ultra Amino is a complete formula of amino acids extracted from milk protein (calcium caseinate). This complex allows you to provide your body with all the amino acids it needs.


Ultra Amino allows your muscles to recover better and increase muscle growth. With a high proportion of leucine, arginine and glutamine, these amino acids are excellent for allowing better assimilation of proteins.


  • Calcium caseinate extract from cow's milk
  • Contains branched amino acids
  • Rapid assimilation
  • Supports muscle development
  • Increases the effect of proteins 


Take 1 dose per day (2 capsules) between meals just after training or before bedtime.


Sodium Caseinate (from Milk), Bovine Gelatin, Color (Titanium Dioxide)

Valeur nutritive par portion
Voedingswaarde per portie
Nutritional value per serving
(= 2 caps)
% AJC (par dose)
% ADH (per portie)
% RDA (per serving)
Valeur Energétique/ Energetische waarde/ Energy value/ 17 Kj/4 Kcal 0%
Lipides/ Vet/ Fat 0 gr 0%
Graisses saturées/ Verzadigd vetten/ Saturated fats 0 gr 0%
Glucides/ Koolhydraten/ Carbohydrate 0 gr 0%
Sucres/ Suikers /Sugars 0 gr 0%
Protéines/ Eiwitten/ Proteins 1 gr 2%
Sel/ Zout/ Salt 0,03 gr 1%
Aminozuur profiel
% de protéines
% eiwit
% protein
Aminozuur profiel
% de protéines
% eiwit
% protein
L-Alanine 29 mg L-Lysine 77 mg
L-Arginine 34 mg L-Methionine 29 mg
L-Leucine 90 mg L-Phenylalanine 49 mg
L-Cysteine 4 mg L-Proline 104 mg
Acide L-Glutaminique 210 mg L-Serine 58 mg
Glycine 18 mg L-Threonine 40 mg
L-Histidine 29 mg L-Tryptophane 11 mg
L-Isoleucine 51 mg L-Tyrosine 54 mg
Acide L-Aspartique/ L-Asparaginezuur/ L- Aspartic acid 67 mg L-Valine 66 mg