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WP8 Myobolic 2.0 WP8 Myobolic 2.0
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Starlabs WP8 Myobolic 2.0 contains a precise combination of fast-release whey (concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates) and a slower-digesting casein that provides several hours of hours of amino acids into the bloodstream.


WP8 is a high quality Carbelac multi-source protein. Starlabs Nutrition protein contains the best sources of protein such as concentrated whey, whey isolate, hydroisolate and casein. This blend of whey protein and casein provides a significant amount of amino acids and a delayed release promoting muscle growth or muscle mass retention. 


  • 79% protein
  • 5 sources
  • Carbelac® label
  • Increases muscle mass


Mix a 25-30cl pod of water in a shaker and drink after training and as a snack.


Whey protein concentrate (soy, milk), whey protein isolate (micellar casein), whey protein hydrolyzate (soy, milk), milk protein isolate, (soy, milk), flavor, thickeners (gum) guar and xanthan gum), sodium chloride, sweetener (sucralose) (E955))


Valeur nutritive par portion
Voedingswaarde per portie
Nutritional value per serving
(= 30gr)
Valeur nutritive par 100 gr
Voedingswaarde per 100gr
Nutritional value per 100gr
% AJC (par dose)
% ADH (per portie)
% RDA (per serving)
Valeur Energétique/ Energetische waarde/ Energy value/ 493 Kj/116 Kcal 1645 Kj/388 Kcal -
Lipides/ Vet/ Fat 0,8 gr 2,5 gr 1,8%
Graisses saturées/ Verzadigd vetten/ Saturated fats 0,8 gr 2,5 gr 3,8%
Glucides/ Koolhydraten/ Carbohydrate 2,6 gr 8,7 gr 1%
Sucres/ Suikers /Sugars 1,9 gr 6,3 gr 2,1%
Protéines/ Eiwitten/ Proteins 23,8 gr 79,4 gr 47,6%
Fibres/ Vezels/ Fibers 0,4 gr 1,3 gr -
Sel/ Zout/ Salt 0,4 gr 0,14 gr 1,5%
Calcium 151,6 mg 505,4 mg 19%
Aminozuur profiel
% de protéines
% eiwit
% protein
Aminozuur profiel
% de protéines
% eiwit
% protein
L-Alanine 4,1 gr L-Lysine 8,8 gr
L-Arginine 2,4 gr L-Methionine 2,2 gr
L-Leucine 9,9 gr L-Phenylalanine 3,5 gr
L-Cysteine 1,7 gr L-Proline 6,3 gr
Acide glutamique/ Glutaminezuur/ Glutamic acid 21 gr L-Serine 4,8 gr
Glycine 1,4 gr L-Threonine 5,7 gr
L-Histidine 2 gr L-Tryptophane 1,9 gr
L-Isoleucine 5,9 gr L-Tyrosine 3,2 gr
Acide L-Aspartique/ L-Asparaginezuur/ L- Aspartic acid 9,3 gr L-Valine 5,9 gr