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Double Buffered Creatine by Creapure pH 10


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Double Buffered Creatine by Creapure pH 10

Syntech's Double Buffered Creatine Creapure pH 10 is in the form of creapure, known as the purest and finest formula of micronized creatine monohydrate on the sports nutrition market.

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Brand: Syntech

Genuine Product of Syntech

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Product Description

Double Buffered Creatine by Creapure pH 10 from Syntech is composed of Creapure® pH 10 labelled creatine previously known as Crea-Trona®. This creatine is obtained by adding sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, two natural minerals, to Creapure, thus creating an alkaline environment, with a pH value (degree of acidity) between 9 and 11, which protects the creatine in the stomach from being converted into creatinine before it reaches the muscle.

Achieve Your Goals!

This Creapure pH 10 creatine is much more effective than other types of creatine because it prevents the pH level in the muscles from dropping during training, thus increasing training capacity and training volume. Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short, high-intensity exercise. This is why it is suitable for fitness, weight training, martial arts, sprinting and other explosive sports.


Creapure pH 10 labelled creatine

Increases physical performance

Prevents pH drop in the muscles

120 Caps = 30 days

How To Use It?

Take 4 capsules per day after training.

Product Composition

Creapure® pH 10 Double Buffered Creatine Monohydrate, Vegetal Capsule (E464, E171), Gelling Agent (Magnesiumstearate)

Valeur nutritive par 1 cap
Voedingswaarde per 1 cap
Nutritional value per 1 cap
Valeur nutritive par 4 caps
Voedingswaarde per 4 caps
Nutritional value per 4 caps
Creatine Monohydrate Creapure® pH 10 0,75 gr 3,0 gr
Brand Syntech
Packaging 120 Caps
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