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Pack - Endurance

This pack contains one pack of 20pcs Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA, one Carbo Nox 1Kg and One Hydro Isobolic

72.00 € 72.0 EUR 72.00 €

72.00 €

  • Flavour Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA 20Pcs
  • Flavour Hydro Iso Whey 1Kg
  • Flavour : Carbo Nox 1Kg

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If you are a fan of long-lasting efforts, the Endurance pack will be your best partner for an adapted energy supply throughout your training sessions.

What does this Endurance pack contain?

Olimp - Carbo Nox

Carbo NOX is a cocktail of nutrients containing all the energy needed during exercise. It contains several sources of carbohydrates with different digestion rates which ensure the stability of carbohydrate levels in the blood stream during training, thus avoiding the risks of hypoglycemia.


  • Source of optimal carbohydrates with different glycemic index and speed of assimilation / absorption (maltodextrin, glucose and isomaltulose)
  • Source of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides
  • Contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, selenium and chromium
  • Contains many vitamins
  • Does not contain saturated fatty acids (lipids)
  • Does not contain aspartame

OLIMP - Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA

It is a supplement in the form of a gel intended for people practicing endurance sports. 

This gel boosts energy, reduces fatigue, and allows optimal muscle recovery and endurance.

Addict - Hydro Iso Whey

With its high protein content (27.8g) per serving of 30g, it offers 11g of BCAA and 3.3g of glutamine for people who want fast results with a dry muscle quality! It also has less than 1% fat and is sugar and aspartame free.


  • Hydrolyzed and Isolated Whey Protein Association
  • Unmatched quality / price ratio
  • High content in BCAA (11g)
  • High content of Glutamic Acid (3.3g)
  • No sugar or aspartame
  • Less than 1% fat
  • Brings 27.8g of protein per 30g service

This pack will be ideal to improve your endurance during football matches, during your cycling and running outings,..

Flavour Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA 20Pcs Orange , Green Apple
Flavour Hydro Iso Whey 1Kg Chocolat Fondant , Cookies & Cream , Creamy Vanilla , Belgian Double Chocolat Hazelnut
Flavour : Carbo Nox 1Kg Strawberry , Lemon , Orange , Grapefruit , Pineapple