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Instant Rice - Quamtrax is an ideal rice flour for gluten intolerant people, perfect for preparing gainers and making delicious recipes!

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Genuine Product of Quamtrax


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Product Description

Rice flour is an excellent source of carbohydrates for your health! It is obtained through a process of molding rice into a very fine flour. Rice flour provides a good quantity of carbohydrates, no added sugars and is easy to use.
Ideal for gluten intolerant people, you can make delicious recipes: desserts, creams, muffins, breakfast, pancakes... Less than 110Kcal per serving, low in fat and sugar!
As its glycemic index is high, rice flour is ideal for pre- and post-training.


  • No added sugars
  • Low in fat
  • For gluten intolerant people
  • Ideal as a homemade gainer
  • For delicious sweet recipes

Product Composition

Rice flour, aroma and sweetener (sucralose).

Flavour Brownie , Cookies
Size 2000 gr