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L.A.N.T.A.N. BCAA Gun Powder

L.A.N.T.A.N BCAA - Trec Nutrition prevents fatigue and increases muscle recovery. In addition, maltodextrin provides energy and hydration to the muscles.

This product is no longer available.

Trec Nutrition

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Trec Nutrition

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Product Description

Trec Nutrition’s L.A.N.T.A.N BCAA in the standard ratio (2:1:1) is fortified with maltodextrin. This carbohydrate increases the concentration of BCAA in the muscles and reduces the amount of amino acids consumed by the liver.

Achieve Your Goals!

BCAA's strongly support energy expenditure during exercise, prevent fatigue and increase muscle recovery. BCAA's are the main component of muscle building (anti-catabolic effect).
Its contribution in maltodextrin is not negligible since it is the most accessible fuel during exercise (it is stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen). If carbohydrates are absent, other substrates are transformed into energy, such as amino acids.


  • Increases recovery and muscle building
  • Ratio 2:1:1
  • Enriched with maltodextrin

  • How To Use It?

    Mix a 20 gr dose in your water bottle and consume during training.

    Product Composition

    Branched chain amino acids BCAA (L-leucine; L-valine; L-isoleucine) (50%); maltodextrins; acidity regulators – citric acid, malic acid; aromas; thickeners – cellulose gum, xanthan gum; sweetener – sucralose; colours - brilliant blue FCF, tartrazine.

    Valeur nutritive par portion
    Voedingswaarde per portie
    Nutritional value per serving
    (= 20 gr)
    L-Leucine 5 gr
    L-isoleucine 2.25 gr
    L-Valine 2.25 gr
    Flavour Kiwi
    Size 600 gr