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L-Glutamine Recovery

L-Glutamine Recovery by Syntech contains L-glutamine powder, a so-called semi-essential amino acid, which promotes muscle recovery.

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Product Description

L-Glutamine Recovery from Syntech contains L-glutamine, a so-called semi-essential amino acid because the human body cannot produce it in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of athletes. L-glutamine is the amino acid most present in the blood and in the muscles. It is mainly synthesised in the skeletal muscles by the enzyme glutamine synthetase from the amino acids glutamate and glutamic acid.

Achieve Your Goals!

L-Glutamine Recovery from Syntech has an anti-catabolic effect and stimulates accelerated muscle recovery after training. In addition, L-glutamine is a powerful antioxidant. A lack of glutamine leads to a loss of muscle volume, a lack of energy and a weakened immune system.


  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Unflavoured powder
  • 60 servings

  • How To Use It?

    Mix one 5 gr dose in 250ml of water or in your protein shaker. Take 2 servings per day : one 5 gr dose after training and a second dose before going to sleep.

    Product Composition


    Par 100 gr / Per 100 gr / Per 100 gr Par dose 5 gr / Per dosis 5 gr / Per serving 5 gr
    L-Glutamine 100 gr 5 gr
    Flavour Unflavored
    Size 300 gr