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Pack - Muscle Booster

This pack contains one WP8 Myobolic 908gr, one Creatine CR3 PRO 300gr and one XT5 Refuel BCAA + Glutamine

83.90 € 83.9 EUR 83.90 €

83.90 €

  • Flavour : WP8 Myobolic 908gr
  • Creatine Starlabs CR3 ( Creapure )
  • Flavour : XT5 Refuel BCAA + Glutamine 336gr

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Are you asking question about Protein ?
You don't know where to start ?

You want to gain mass ? or get in shape ?

Don't look further ! this is YOUR PACK !


WP8 is a high quality Carbelac multi-source protein. Starlabs Nutrition protein contains the best sources of protein such as concentrated whey, whey isolate, hydroisolate and casein. This blend of whey protein and casein provides a significant amount of amino acids and a delayed release promoting muscle growth or muscle mass retention.


  • 79% protein
  • 5 sources
  • Carbelac® label
  • Increases muscle mass

How To Use It?

Mix a 25-30cl pod of water in a shaker and drink after training and as a snack.


XT5 Refuel from Starlabs helps to build muscle mass and glutamine helps with post-workout recovery. The dose of vitamin B6, B12 added improves the action of amino acids, and thus helps to rapidly increase muscle mass. XT5 Refuel also contains electrolytes to keep the body hydrated during the most demanding workouts and helps to reduce fatigue after workouts, allowing a quick recovery so that workouts are intense and longer lasting.


  • Combination of BCAA and glutamine
  • Promotes proper glycogen and protein metabolism
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Optimal recovery

  • How To Use It?

    Mix one dose in a bottle of water and consume during training.


    CR5 from Starlabs feeds your muscles during high intensity exercise and helps to produce more muscle power, improve endurance, recover faster. For optimal results, stay hydrated during the day.


    • Helps to improve the explosive force
    • Significantly increases muscle mass
    • Improves muscle size and strength
    • Prevents micro-breaks to muscle tissue after intense exercise

    The pack is the best choice to help your muscle boost !!

    Flavour : WP8 Myobolic 908gr Strawberry Milkshake , Banana Cream , Vanilla Milkshake , Chocolate Milkshake , Iced Coffee
    Flavour : XT5 Refuel BCAA + Glutamine 336gr Strawberry , Lime , Crazy Punch , Cherry Coke , Orange Delight , Watermelon , Pineapple
    Creatine Starlabs CR3 ( Creapure ) 300 gr