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Pack - Recovery (Low Caffeine)

This pack contains one Carbo Nox, one WP8 Myobolic 2.2Kg and One ZMA

This product is no longer available.

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If you are a fan of long-lasting efforts, the Endurance pack will be your best partner for an adapted energy supply throughout your training sessions.

What does this Endurance pack contain?


Carbo NOX is a cocktail of nutrients containing all the energy needed during exercise. It contains several sources of carbohydrates with different digestion rates which ensure the stability of carbohydrate levels in the blood stream during training, thus avoiding the risks of hypoglycemia.


  • Source of optimal carbohydrates with different glycemic index and speed of assimilation / absorption (maltodextrin, glucose and isomaltulose)
  • Source of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides
  • Contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, selenium and chromium
  • Contains many vitamins
  • Does not contain saturated fatty acids (lipids)
  • Does not contain aspartame


Olimp's ZMA helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood, reduces fatigue and provides restful sleep.


  • Source of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6
  • Contains a patented source of zinc (L-OptiZink®)
  • 810mg of ZMA® per dose



WP8 is a high quality Carbelac multi-source protein. Starlabs Nutrition protein contains the best sources of protein such as concentrated whey, whey isolate, hydroisolate and casein. This blend of whey protein and casein provides a significant amount of amino acids and a delayed release promoting muscle growth or muscle mass retention.


  • 79% protein
  • 5 sources
  • Carbelac® label
  • Increases muscle mass

This pack will be ideal to help reduce fatigue and increase muscle recovery after training !

With Carbo Nox and ZMA before training you keep muscle stability. And with WP8 you give all the nutriment after excercice for a better recovery while sleeping.

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