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Carni-X Liquid 100000 Carni-X Liquid 100000

Carni-X Liquid 100000

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Liquid Carni-X 100,000 contains carnitine, an amino acid widely used to mobilize fat stores for energy purposes. Carnitine improves the energy performance of cells and mobilizes more fatty acids to burn them into energy.


Liquid Carni-X 100,000 is a fat-burning, high-dose L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate drink that is ideal for fat loss diets to stimulate fat loss and get results faster. It also contains a dose of 60mg of Vitamin C at each dose to provide an energizing side to the drink. Indeed, vitamin C ensures the proper functioning of energy metabolism.


  • 100,000 mg of l-carnitine per vial
  • Powerful doses of 2000 mg
  • Zero lipids Enriched with Vitamin C
  • 50 doses per bottle


Take 15 ml daily, dilute in water 30 minutes before training


Water, L-Carnitine, Fructose, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Lactic Acid), L-Ascorbic Acid, Flavor (Cactus Fig Pineapple), Sweeteners (Sodium Cyclamate, Sucralose, Sodium Saccharin, Acesulfame K), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

Valeur nutritive par portion
Voedingswaarde per portie
Nutritional value per serving
(= 10 ml)
% AJC (par dose)
% ADH (per portie)
% RDA (per serving)
L-carnitine 2000 mg -
Vit.C 144 gr 180%