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Pack - Sweet Potato Pancake

This pack contains one Sweet Potato Flour Yam Nutrition 1000gr, one Servivita Syrup, and 1000ml liquid egg white from Liot.

29.90 € 29.900000000000002 EUR 29.90 €

29.90 €

  • Liquid Egg White
  • Flour Sweet Potato Yam Nutrition
  • Flavour Callowfit Syrup

This combination does not exist.

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Product Description

Ideal for making tasty and healthy pancakes! Gluten free!

This gourmet pack is composed of :

  • 1 bottle of liquid egg white from Liot (1000ml)
  • 1 Yam Nutrition sweet potato flour (1kg)
  • 1 Callowfit syrup

  • How To Use It?

    Mix 80g of sweet potato flour, the equivalent of 4 egg whites, and about 10cl of vegetable milk. Cook in a very hot frying pan previously sprayed with coconut oil spray. Add the delicious Callowfit syrup when your pancake is served.

    Flavour Callowfit Syrup Chocolate , Strawberry , Cookie & Cream , Raspberry , Salty Caramel
    Liquid Egg White 1000ml
    Flour Sweet Potato Yam Nutrition 1000gr