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By Lorena

Is interval training the most efficient way to burn fat? This is a question that comes up often at Sport Nutrition! Indeed, HIIT is a practical training that can be done anywhere and allows you to burn fat easily and in a short time.

Promotes the release of growth hormone

Indeed, it will even help to reshape your muscles, as your anaerobic energy system is called upon for a prolonged period of time to produce lactic acid. And the more lactic acid you produce, the more growth hormone you will release! Moreover, growth hormone is responsible for accelerating the melting of fat and improving the anabolic process and therefore for better muscle reconstruction! 

Burn fat efficiently

Moreover, when you exercise with fast, repeated, and intense movements, you tire your muscle fibres and draw on your glycogen reserves. The HIIT will disturb the internal balance of your body, it will have to work for long hours to restore this balance as quickly as possible. Your metabolism will therefore be higher than normal, because to restore its balance your body will consume more oxygen.

Example of interval training

Repeat this circuit 3-4 times 

    3 min warm-up move arms, legs, brisk walking

    30 sec sprint on the spot 

    30 sec jumping jacks 

    30 sec montain climbers 

    30 sec rest (fast walking)
    1 min squats 

    1 min push-ups
    30 sec rest (fast walking) 

    1 min burpees x 15 

    1 min board 

    2 min back to walking

Precautions to be taken

If you are not used to high intensity cardio, this intense workout can be dangerous for you. Always start gradually, it is important to warm up for 5 minutes and then at the end of the training, recover for another 5 minutes at a slower pace. 
Beware of the risk of serious injury if the execution is poor or due to a lack of warm-up (pay close attention to the movement performed).

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