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Bolero (Box 12 Pieces)


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Bolero (Box 12 Pieces)

BOLERO drinks are flavoured sachets to mix with your water, developed to help you drink regularly throughout the day to keep your body well hydrated.

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Brand: Bolero

Genuine Product of Bolero

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Product Description

BOLERO drinks are flavoured sachets to mix with your water, developed to help you drink regularly throughout the day to keep your body well hydrated. With more than 70 different flavours, made with natural flavours only, you can vary your enjoyment without having a major impact on your calorie intake. In fact, for every 1 litre of water flavoured with BOLERO drinks, you only add 20 calories to your bottle!


  • Up to 3 liters of drink
  • Sugar-free
  • More than 50 tastes available for a variety of pleasures

How To Use It?

Mix one sachet for 1 to 3L of water, adjust the taste by dosing the powder and consume at any time of the day!

Product Composition

Acidifiers: citric acid, malic acid; bulking agent: maltodextrin; flavourings; natural flavourings; sweeteners: acesulfame k, sucralose, steviol glycosides (stevia extracts); acidity regulator: trisodium citrates; anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphates; thickeners: guar gum, gum arabic; l-ascorbic acid, apple colour concentrate.

Valeur nutritive par portion
Voedingswaarde per portie
Nutritional value per serving
(= 100 ml)
Valeur Energétique/ Energetische waarde/ Energy value 7,57 Kj/1,81 Kcal
Lipides/ Vet/ Fat 0 gr
Graisses saturées/ Verzadigd vetten/ Saturated fats 0 gr
Glucides/ Koolhydraten/ Carbohydrate 0,17 gr
Sucres/ Suikers /Sugars <0,01 gr
Protéines/ Eiwitten/ Proteins 0,023 gr
Sel/ Zout/ Salt 0,001
Vit.C 12 mg
Flavour Strawberry or Vanilla or Coconut or Blueberry or Lemon or Cherry or Orange or Peach or Lime or Banana or Mango or Pear or Raspberry or Watermelon or Almond or Apple or Mojito or Guarana or Peach Iced Tea or Mix Discovery or Tomato or Tonic or Sport or Panna Cotta or Lemon Pie or Lemonade or Pina Colada or Mango - Chili or Grapefruit Tonic or Honey or Red Sangria or Rum or Lemon Tonic or Cucumber or Chilli or Lemon Chilli or Passion Fruit Iced Tea or Lemon Iced Tea or White Grape or Mandarin or Red Orange or Rose or Red Grape or Plum or Pomegranate or Passion Fruit or Papaya or Mint or Multivitamin or Lemongrass or Lychee or Kola or Kiwi or Hibiscus or Honey - Melon or Goji Berry or Guava or Guanabana or Yellow Grapefruit or Ginger or Forest Fruits or Exotic or Dragon Fruit or Cherry Cola or Cranberry or Blackcurrant or Berry Blend or Acai Berries or Banana - Strawberry or Elderflower or Elderberry or Carrot - Orange or Acerola or Waldmeister or Pineapple or Tamarind
Packaging 1 Pc or 12 Pcs
Brand Bolero
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