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Diet Shake


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Biotech USA
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Diet Shake

BiotechUSA's Diet Shake is a powdered protein drink rich in glucomannan, L-carnitine and superfoods designed to supplement a low calorie diet while maintaining muscle mass.

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32.90 € VAT Included

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Brand: Biotech USA
Biotech USA

Genuine Product of Biotech USA

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Product Description

Diet Shake from BiotechUSA is a powdered drink based on whey protein concentrate. It is enriched with minerals (chromium and calcium) and active ingredients such as glucomannan, inulin, L-carnitine, green coffee bean extract, bromelain powder.

Achieve Your Goals!

Diet Shake from BiotechUSA is intended to complement a low-calorie diet while maintaining muscle mass. One serving contains only 108 kcal. Diet Shake is an excellent meal supplement to avoid snacking, manage appetite and control weight.


  • Protein drink powder
  • Meal supplement
  • Contains minerals and active substances
  • Low in calories
  • No added sugar

  • How To Use It?

    Diet Shake from BiotechUSA can be taken as a meal supplement or as a snack. The recommended dose is 30 gr (4 tablespoons) to be diluted in a shaker with 300 ml of water.

    Product Composition

    Instant whey protein concentrate 61% [whey protein concentrate, emulsifier: lecithins (soy)], fat-reduced cocoa powder, inulin, oat flakes flour (contains gluten), glucomannan 3.5% (from Amorphophallus konjac tuber) (contains sulphur dioxide), thickener (cellulose gum), flavourings, L-carnitine L-tartrate 1%, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), citrus fibre, flax seed powder, Psyllium husks powder (from Plantago ovata seed), acai berry powder 0.6%, goji berry powder 0.6%, salt, bromelain powder 0.53%, calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, green coffee (Coffea robusta) bean extract, sweetener (sucralose), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), chromium (III) chloride.

    Valeur nutritive par portion (30 gr)
    Voedingswaarde per portie (30 gr)
    Nutritional value per serving (30 gr)
    Valeur nutritive par 100 gr
    Voedingswaarde per 100 gr
    Nutritional value per 100 gr
    Valeur Energétique / Energetische waarde / Energy value 452 Kj / 108 Kcal 1507 Kj / 359 Kcal
    Lipides / Vet / Fat 2,4 gr 8,1 gr
    dont graisses saturées / waarvan verzadigd vetten / of which saturated fats 1,5 gr 4,9 gr
    Glucides / Koolhydraten / Carbohydrate 4,3 gr 14,0 gr
    dont sucres / waarvan suikers / of which sugars 1,9 gr 6,2 gr
    Fibre / Vezel / Fiber 4,7 gr 16,0 gr
    Protéines / Eiwitten / Proteins 15,0 gr 49,0 gr
    Sel / Zout / Salt 0,49 gr 1,60 gr
    Flavour Chocolate or Pistachio or Strawberry or Vanilla or Cookies & Cream
    Brand Biotech USA
    Size 720 gr
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