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Lifting Straps Impact Sport


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Impact Sport
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Lifting Straps Impact Sport

Lifting Straps - Scitec safely lift heavier loads and prevent wrist damage

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Brand: Impact Sport
Impact Sport

Genuine Product of Impact Sport

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Product Description

Impact Sport lifting straps are a great help for people who do weight training. They will help you safely lift heavier loads.
During strength training, especially when exercising the back, it can happen that the forearms are overloaded, preventing you from continuing your workout.
By using straps for certain exercises, the pressure on the flexor muscles of the hand is relieved, which will allow the weight to be distributed without causing damage to your wrists. They are made of very resistant materials and are padded on the inside of the wrist to prevent joint damage.


  • Tractions
  • Back work
  • Very solid
  • Anti-slip

Brand Impact Sport
Colour Black
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