Smelling Salt - Skull Crusher
Smelling Salt - Skull Crusher


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Smelling Salt - Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher Smelling Salt is a unique Smelling Salt with a sweet scent that will blow your nostrils open and make you crush your goals !

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Smelling Salt Description

Push your limits with The Skull Crusher® Smelling Salt. The natural energy booster that fuels your gym sessions!"

With the help of the Smelling Salt, even on your worst days, you will break all your records. The Smelling Salt is made for real athletes!

Smelling Salt Goals :

Provides an immediate reflex response, stimulating your respiratory system and increasing your heart rate.

Smelling Salt Benefits :

  • Adrenaline Boost

  • Mental and Physical Energy

  • Help improve your performance

By smelling the Smelling Salt you will be fully focused and ready to pop

How To Use It?

  1. Shake the bottle

  2. Remove the cap

  3. Bring the bottle to 10cm away from your nose

  4. Sniff it and lift it !!!

Smelling Salt Composition

  • Ammonium carbonate, sodium carbonate, ammonium chloride, flavours.

Flavour Classic Whiskey or Menthol Ice or Bubble Burst
Brand Skull Crusher
Size 50 gr
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