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Pack - Pancake Sweet Potato


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Pack - Pancake Sweet Potato

This Pack - Sweet Potato Pancake include : Sweet Potato Flour + Liquid Egg White + Rabeko Zero Syrup

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32.90 € VAT Included 36.80 €

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  • Flavour for Rabeko Zero Syrop (425 ml)

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Sweet Potato Flour

Product Description

The sweet potato, contrary to what one might think, does not belong to the potato family. Its Glycemic Index is moderate (50), it is particularly rich in vitamins A and B6, copper, manganese and high antioxidant power which gives it anti cancer. It is a basifying food (-8.19 on the Pral index), which is rare for a starchy food.

Achieve Your Goals!

Sweet potato is the food to favor for athletes and especially for bodybuilders who want to keep a low fat content. Sweet potato, and particularly white sweet potato, is recommended for people with diabetes to stabilize their insulin levels.


- Moderate glycemic index
- Pral negative index (basifying)
- Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamin
- Antioxidant

How To Use It?

In Galette: Mix 50g sweet potato with 3 whole eggs and cook in a nonstick skillet

In Shaker: Mix 50g sweet potato with a dose of protein powder like whey.

In Cakes: Replace any flour with sweet potato powder for your recipes.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Product Composition

Dehydrated sweet potato powder, vitamins C, vitamins PP, vitamins E, pantothenic acid, vitamins B1, vitamins B2, vitamins B6, vitamins B12, folic acid, biotin.

Liquid Egg White

Product Description

32 egg whites per bottle

No additives or preservatives


Rabeko Zero Syrup

Product Description

Rabeko Zero syrups are ideal for breakfast, fruit salads or protein shakes. They are low in calories, without sugar and without added fat.


  • Low-calorie syrups (from 2 to 4 Kcal/portion of 15gr)
  • No sugar or added fat
  • Incredible flavours

  • Product Composition

    Chocolate (gluten and lactose free): water, flavourings, thickening agent: cellulose gum, xanthan gum, skimmed cocoa powder, sweetener: sucralose, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

    Salted Caramel (gluten and lactose free): water, modified maize starch, salt, thickening agents (xanthan gum, cellulose gum), natural flavouring, roasted sugar syrup, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), acidifier: citric acid, sweetener: sucralose, titanium dioxide.

    Flavour for Rabeko Zero Syrop Chocolate or Salted Caramel
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