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Training Mask


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Phantom Athletic
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Training Mask

The Phantom Training Mask is a training device that helps you train your breathing muscles and adds difficulty to each workout.

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Brand: Phantom Athletic
Phantom Athletic

Genuine Product of Phantom Athletic

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Product Description

The Phantom training mask is a training device that helps you train your breathing muscles. It allows you to focus on your breathing during your training. Because you breath less oxygen in, your body produces more red bloodcells. Therefore you are capable to storage more oxygen in your body.

Achieve Your Goals!

Training Mask makes it more difficult to oxygenate your lungs and strengthens your breathing muscles, increasing your performance when training without a mask.
It is equipped with the patent-pending Phantom Regulation System (PRS) that allows you to change resistance levels during training without removing your mask. The PRS offers four levels of resistance, from beginner to extreme, to constantly push your limits.
Train your breathing muscles and increase your performance in any sport. Change resistance levels easily during your workout without removing your mask. Its ultra-light and anatomical sleeve does not slip during training.


  • Oxygenation of the lungs
  • Increased physical performance
  • Several levels of resistance
  • Strengthens the respiratory muscles
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and wash

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Brand Phantom Athletic
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