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Weightlifting Leather Belt


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Weightlifting Gloves - Pink Style
Weightlifting Gloves - Pink Style
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Fitness Belt
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Weightlifting Leather Belt


The Scitec Leather Belt is a very thick, ultra-strong, high quality leather belt designed to reinforce the sheathing and protect the lumbar vertebrae during your very intense leg or back sessions.

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Brand: Scitec

Genuine Product of Scitec

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La ceinture en cuir Scitec Nutrition est une ceinture en cuir, trés épaisse, et ultra solide de haute qualité conçue pour renforcer le gainage et protéger les lombaires pendant vos séances de jambes ou de dos tres intenses.


  • Ceinture de force
  • Cuir très épais
  • Ultra solide
  • Charges lourdes
  • Protection des lombaires


Size XXL or XL or L or M or S
Brand Scitec
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