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How to cut? (Lose fat, keep muscle)

Losing weight means losing fat, but it is important to distinguish between losing weight and losing weight! During a diet, we aim to lose weight without worrying about our protein intake, for example, or any physical activity. The important thing is to simply feel good about your body. Drying aims to display a silhouette where the muscles will be more apparent. Rigorous training, a flawless diet and supplements help achieve this goal. 

Losing fat is above all a matter of calories. We will create a caloric deficit: we must spend more calories than we consume. You can reduce the calories you eat, including carbohydrates, and/or increase your energy expenditure by doing more cardio-training activities, for example. Practicing a sport such as weight training also allows you to obtain superb results, but be careful, during the drying phase you will have to adapt your sports routine and review the loads. 

Adopting a strict diet by eating healthy is essential. Even if we recommend eating a balanced diet all year round, this is not the case for everyone, which is why the choice of food and its quality is an important criterion when you want to lose fat and keep a maximum of muscle.

How long does a dry period last?

Strictly speaking, there is no standard length of time to determine how long it will take you to reach the level of fat you want to lose, it all depends on where you start from. 
Avoid trying to lose too much weight quickly, you risk losing too much muscle too! The body will first draw on the muscle and will always try to conserve fat, survival instinct! 
Also, in order to stay motivated, it is useful to note down your measurements in a notebook in order to appreciate the evolution but also to take pictures of your front, profile and back. Put away the scale which is useless! The measurements and photos will be much more meaningful and will help you stay focused on your goal.

What about training? 

We will listen to our body and not aim for strength or performance. We adapt, it is not serious if we have to lower the loads, it is only for a time. Try to maintain your loads however!
You can finish your workout with a cardio session or first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Stay well hydrated, consume BCAAs during exercise and take a whey shaker after your cardio.
Remember to respect a rest day between two sessions in order to recover as much as possible and to allow the muscle to build.

Supplements to boost your energy

Far from being miraculous but very useful, some food supplements will help you boost your weight loss: 

  • The fat burner: it will increase your metabolism and allow fat melting. Be careful to mention to the advisor in the store your consumption of caffeine (Coke, Redbull also contain it) in order to adapt the fat burner according to its ingredients and caffeine dosage.

  • L-carnitine: it accelerates fat burning and promotes muscle definition by transporting mobilized fat to the muscles, where it is converted into energy.

  • Isolated/hydrolyzed protein: during a dry period it is essential to supplement with protein. An isolate or hydrolyzed whey is ideal for weight loss and muscle definition. It is rich in protein but low in lactose, sugars and fats!

  • BCAA : they allow the muscles to recover after an effort but also to build muscle mass. 

  • Vitamins: vitamins will provide you with the necessary energy that you lack during this phase.

  • Pre-workout: during the dry phase, you can feel a very strong fatigue. A pre-workout consumed 30 min before an effort will allow you to push your limits during a good sports session! 


Super Deal

Finally, in order to stay motivated, avoid buying sweets and other fast food, don't hesitate to train with a gym partner to stay focused!

Good luck! 

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