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How to lose weight effectively?

 When we talk about weight loss or dieting, we imagine a plate full of salad, with no taste, many dietary restrictions, and finally hours of running on a mat! We follow strict diets dedicated to competitors (see the article here) whereas weight loss is only about feeling good about your body, without showing off a figure with bulging abs.

Let's go back to the beginning.

Weight loss is first and foremost a caloric deficit. The body expends a certain number of calories, so you need to consume less, about 200kcal of caloric deficit. The distribution of macronutrients is interesting, but once again it will not be as thorough as for a diet. 

How to target fat loss? 

This is a question that keeps coming up! Spoil alert: It is not possible to target fat loss. Let's take the example of an inflated balloon: if you let the air out of it, it will escape in a general way and not in small targeted places... Concerning the human body, it is exactly the same thing!
It is also a question of genetics: sometimes the first place where you want to lose fat will be the last! If we compare two people losing weight at the same time, the fat loss will be different! 

How many pounds per month can I lose? 

If you want to lose weight too quickly, you put your health at risk. It is recommended to lose 500 g per week, or 2 kg per month is ideal. 

But once again, the scale is not the best ally during weight loss... At the beginning, the body will eliminate water so the first few pounds on the scale will not be representative at all. And if you practice a physical activity, you might even see your weight increase on the scale! But don't worry, this is a good thing: it means you are building muscle. You should also be able to see a more refined and sculpted figure. It is therefore very interesting to note down your measurements in a notebook in order to appreciate the evolution but also to take pictures of your front, profile and back. The measurements and photos will be much more telling and will help you stay focused on your goal.
Trying on clothes will also show you that your effort is not in vain and that you are losing weight! 

Supplements to help you lose weight

Far from being miraculous but very useful, some food supplements will help you boost your weight loss: 

  • The fat burner: it will increase your metabolism and allow fat melting. Be careful to mention to the advisor in the store your caffeine consumption (Coke, redbull also contain caffeine) in order to adapt the fat burner to its ingredients and caffeine dosage.

  • L-carnitine: it accelerates fat burning and promotes muscle definition by transporting mobilized fat to the muscles, where it is converted into energy.

  • Isolated/hydrolyzed protein: during weight loss it is interesting to supplement with protein. An isolate or hydrolyzed whey is ideal for weight loss and muscle definition. It is rich in protein but low in lactose, sugars and fats!

  • BCAA: they allow the muscles to recover after an effort but also to build muscle mass. 


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Weight loss is a long-term process, not one that takes place 3 weeks before a vacation to put on a bathing suit. You risk getting frustrated and putting on all the hard-lost weight...

Don't hesitate to consult a dietician who will guide you in the distribution of your macronutrients and help you reach your health goals. 

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