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How To Prevent Muscle Mass

By Lorena

Physical exercise

To develop muscle mass, regular training helps to build toned muscles. Polyarticular exercises allow you to work several muscles, training should be of medium intensity.
It is recommended to adapt the training according to one's abilities and health: body weight, machines, or lifting free weights.
Also, to be motivated in the long term, prepare a program adapted to your objective, with the help of a sports coach if necessary.

Have a sufficient protein intake

Proteins help maintain muscle mass and recovery, so a daily intake is essential to help maintain muscle.
It is recommended to observe 2g of protein per kilo of body weight, for example, an individual weighing 80 kilos should consume 160g of protein.

Proteins are provided first of all through food, using meat, fish, eggs, and for vegetarians, tofu, legumes, spirulina, oilseeds, seeds (chia, hemp), among others. If the diet does not provide enough protein, it is very interesting to turn to a dietary supplement, whey protein, which is available in several forms (concentrated, isolate, hydrolyzed, casein, vegan). It is a practical, tasty and inexpensive alternative that provides you with the proteins your body needs! (you need to count on average 25g of protein per 30g of powder).

Don't forget carbohydrates and lipids!

Be careful not to limit calories, carbohydrates and lipids are your friends! Carbohydrates are essential to nourish the muscle and will provide you with the energy you need during your workouts. Of course, you should give preference to good carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice (preferably wholemeal), wholemeal bread, sweet potato, quinoa...
Also, a good supply of quality fatty acids is essential. Indeed, lipids allow the synthesis of hormones, accelerate metabolism, and promote muscle building.


Sleep not only rests the body, it also promotes muscle regeneration and growth. Not getting enough sleep leads to a lack of energy, which will have an impact on the quality of your sports sessions.

As you will have understood, in order to maintain and develop your muscle mass, it is imperative to stay regular in terms of sports sessions, by adopting a healthy diet adapted to a sporting lifestyle, without neglecting of course a good quality sleep in order to recover well and continue to progress!

Photo by Timothy from Pexels

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