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How To Strengthen Your Immune System During This Period?

By Lorena

A few good gestures are to be adopted to protect oneself and are accessible to all!

First of all, a well-protected organism is a healthy intestinal flora. The microbiota represents 70% of the efficiency of the immune system, so in order for these non-pathogenic bacteria to help you fight against those that are pathogenic, it is essential to provide them with a favourable environment.

It is therefore strongly recommended to consume at least 2 to 3 prebiotic source foods every day such as garlic, asparagus, onion, leek, barley, oats, citrus fruits, kiwi, flax and chia seeds for example. It may also be worthwhile to supplement the body's diet if the dietary intake remains low.

Also, taking a one-month course of a multivitamin supplement is not dangerous even if the individual does not have a deficiency, and can boost immunity. Vitamin D, for example, helps fight viruses and zinc strengthens the antiviral defence.

In addition, medicinal plants can be beneficial for the ENT and pulmonary spheres, such as the cypress-ecinacea duo for young people, and the cypress-astradacea duo for the most fragile, sick individuals or those over the age of 65 (information from Dr Didier Chos, President of the European Institute of Dietetics and Micronutrition (EIDM)).

Also recommended: ginseng helps fight fatigue, thyme is excellent for the respiratory tract, tea tree, turmeric and elderberry fight bacterial and viral infections.

In addition, the practice of sport helps to keep in shape, lowers stress levels and releases endorphins, the happiness hormone...

Don't forget that good hydration (drink at least 1.5L per day) and getting enough sleep also helps to strengthen your immune system.

Simple gestures and tricks that will allow you to pamper your body, fill up with energy with accessible and inexpensive methods!

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By Gregory