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Tips By Lucas Lhoir To Strengthen Your Muscular Mass

Tips By Lucas Lhoir

In this complicated period it is no longer possible to go to the gym to train. However, it is advisable to continue physical activity during periods of confinement to help you keep your spirits up while doing good for your body. It is also very important to continue to complement yourself to not see all your efforts of the last few months reduced to nothing. To do this we asked Lucas Lhoir (sports nutrition advisor) to present the products he takes daily to stay in shape. Lucas is a fan of combat sports. He is in a period of muscular reinforcement in order to prepare his season. 

Lucas' advice : 


At breakfast Lucas prepares pancakes to start the day with a good supply of protein and healthy carbohydrates. His pancakes are made with 100 gr. of sweet potato flour from Yam Nutrition. Sweet potato flour has a moderate Glycemic Index (50), it is particularly rich in vitamins A and B6, copper, manganese and a high anti-oxidant power which makes it the perfect base for its pancakes. Lucas is further increasing its protein intake by also adding 15 grams of Isobolic from Addict which is a protein consisting of 50% hydrolyzed whey (the most qualitative whey on the market) and 50% Whey isolate (pure and filtered whey). It is also lactose free which is perfect for breakfast. He finishes the preparation by adding 100 ml of Liot White Egg liquid (integrate link to products on the webshop) to add a source of animal protein and 1 whole egg. 

Recipe :
Add 100 gr of sweet potato flour
Add 15 gr of Isobolic
Add 100 ml of white egg and 1 whole egg
Mix everything in a shaker or blender.
Oil your stove with coconut spray Best Joye
Put the mixture into your pan and turn the pancakes over regularly until they are cooked through.


To prepare his training Lucas first takes 25ml of Liquid amino from Stacker rich in amino acids that promote optimal muscle growth and recovery. A liquid version also promotes a faster assimilation. In complement to the amino acids, Lucas takes the Raw Boost from Addict, a new powerful pre-workout which brings him a maximum of energy and an excellent thermogenesis thanks to its formula rich in caffeine. The l-tyrosine which composes it has for virtue to increase its concentration. Its high content of beta-alanine promotes the reduction of lactic acid in the muscles by regulating its pH. And to finish the synergy of l-arginine and taurine guarantees a good transport of oxygen in the muscle. 


After training, Lucas takes a 30 gr another dose of Isobolic from Addict to have his protein refill after the effort.

Before bedtime

Lucas takes a dose of 10g of Renover Collagen from Trec to help strengthen and rebuild his tendons and joints that have been heavily stressed during his training. It reduces the risk of injury. In combination with collagen, he also takes 3 tablets of ZMA from Syntech to ensure a daily intake of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. This intake of ZMA helps him to maintain a normal testosterone level in his blood, reduces his fatigue and allows him to get a good night's sleep.

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