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Tips By Luman Kinali To Gain Lean Body Mass

Tips By Luman Kinali


In this complicated period it is no longer possible to go to the gym to train. However, it is advisable to continue physical activity during periods of confinement to help you keep your spirits up while doing good for your body. It is also very important to continue to complement yourself so as not to see all your efforts of the last few months reduced to nothing. To do so, we asked Luman Kinali (sports nutrition consultant and Scitec athlete) to present the products he takes every day to stay in shape. Luman is an adept of bodybuilding, he has already participated in several international competitions. He is in a period of dry weight gain. 

Luman's advice : 


To start your day Luman takes a packet of Multi Pro Plus from Scitec. The Mutlti Pro Plus is a complete all-in-one formula that gives him his daily dose of multivitamins, minerals, Omega3, ... necessary for his body. For a good supply of protein in the morning, Luman prepares pancakes for breakfast. To do so, he uses the Protein Pancake from Scitec, a ready-made preparation ultra convenient and quick to prepare! With more than 30% protein per pancake, this breakfast provides him with proteins from different sources as well as quality complex carbohydrates. To further increase its protein intake and to make its pancakes more delicious Luman adds Scitec Peanut Butter, a natural source of protein and mono and polyunsaturated fats.

 Recipe : 
Add 74 gr of Protein Pancake Add 150 ml of water Mix everything in a shaker or blender 
Oil your stove with coconut spray Best Joye 
Put the mixture into your skillet and turn the pancakes regularly until golden brown 
Coat the pancakes with peanut butter


Just before training, Luman takes a dose of Hot Blood from Scitec to wake up his body. Its hyper complete composition will give him the focus and energy necessary for his training. Luman being sensitive to caffeine, the 80mg contained in a dose of Hot Blood will not alter the quality of his session. Moreover, it contributes to reduce tiredness thanks to the vitamin B3 that it contains.


Throughout his training, Luman will consume the Scitec Xpress BCAA's. These BCAA's will considerably improve his muscular recovery after his training, they will promote protein synthesis, thus stimulating the development of his muscle mass. Moreover, the BCAA's are an additional source of energy for his muscles during his training!


After training, Luman being allergic to lactose, he will make his protein refill thanks to a 100% Whey Isolate Scitec shaker. With its high protein concentration (84%), this low-fat, low-carbohydrate, sugar-free whey will ensure ideal muscle definition. 

Before bedtime

Before going to sleep, Luman takes a dose of Scitec Hydrolised Marine Collagen. Collagen being an essential element of the connective tissues present in cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin, Luman will promote its recovery and reduce the risk of inflammation, tendinitis, ... To make its recovery optimal, Luman will also take 3 tablets of ZMB6 Scitec. ZMB6 being a combination of essential mineral salts and vitamins providing zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, Luman will improve the quality of its sleep while promoting the secretion of testosterone.

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