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When and how to use whey ?

When you first buy a whey, everything is a bit vague, you don't really know how much to consume and at what time of day.  
Don't worry, we will enlighten you! 

Collective idea: only bodybuilders, powerlifters and other names in "ers" can ingest protein powder! No, you don't have to lift dozens of pounds of cast iron to enjoy its benefits. Every person needs a daily dose of protein, and protein is found throughout our bodies: in muscles, bones, skin, hair and just about everywhere else. Proteins are used to create enzymes that fuel all sorts of chemical reactions in the body, but also to create the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood. No less than 10,000 different proteins ensure the proper functioning of our body! 

How much? 

Depending on the sporting objective, the daily dose of protein should be adapted. For people wishing to lose weight, the amount of protein should be increased by 2g per kg of body weight. The goal is to maintain muscle mass and avoid catabolism (loss of muscle). Athletes whose objective is to maintain themselves while building muscle should ingest 1.6g of protein per kg of body weight. Finally, competitors should consume a maximum of 3g of protein per kg of body weight. Beyond that, stomach aches, bloating and other skin problems will surface. 
It is also essential to increase water intake when increasing protein intake, as the kidneys have to work harder to break down the protein for the body to reuse.

Where to find quality protein? 

You don't have to eat meat to get the right amount of protein. There are many plant sources of protein, some of which are complete, meaning they contain all 9 essential amino acids. Examples include tofu, quinoa, seitan and hemp. By eating a varied diet that includes a variety of plant-based protein sources, you'll get a complete intake. And you don't have to eat all of these proteins at the same meal, since the body stores and uses amino acids when it needs them.
It is true that it can be difficult to ingest protein throughout the day. The chicken fillet between classes or between two office meetings is not practical! The solution: protein powder!  Simply pour the powder into a shaker and add water at the last minute to replenish your protein intake. 


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When to integrate protein powder in your sports goals?

Depending on your lifestyle, the intake of whey can be adapted. Early morning eaters or those who don't have time to prepare a breakfast can make a protein shaker (mixed with powdered oats, fruit, super supplements ...) as a source of energy for the day. Others will take their Whey after a workout, just to give their muscles the recovery they need. To help replenish muscle reserves, it is interesting to consume a portion of protein within an hour after a workout. 

Also, the different types of whey can be taken at different times of the day.
A concentrated whey or isolate is preferred after a workout for a quick recovery. A hydrolyzed whey will be appreciated in the morning for its very fast absorption and high protein content. A casein should be consumed before bedtime, for example, to take advantage of its slow absorption throughout the night. 
These tips are examples to be adapted to each sports profile of course! 

In order to start taking whey, it is interesting to ingest a small quantity and to observe if you have any digestion problems. It will then be necessary to change the type of protein (isolate, hydrolyzed) or to choose a vegan whey. 
If everything goes well, the dose can be gradually increased in the following days. The benefits will be quickly noticed if the training is regular and the lifestyle is healthy! 


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