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Are you looking to buy your Whey / Protein ?
With Sport Nutrition you have one of the biggest choice online !

WHEY Concentrate : The Base Protein
A great Starter Whey ! The Whey Concentrate is presented as a powder that can contain between 30 and 90% protein, with a dose/scoop containing an average of 20g of protein depending on the different brands.
Easy to mix and smooth, whey concentrate is ideal to help build muscle mass but also to benefit from a better recovery.

WHEY Casein :
Micellar casein is the most popular form and the one that is digested the slowest. Calcium caseinate is made from skim milk that is acidified and then treated with an alkali, usually in the form of sodium or calcium hydroxide. The main difference with micellar casein is that micellar casein is produced by ultra or microfiltration which preserves the structure of the casein micelles. This manufacturing method is more expensive and makes them less soluble.

WHEY Isolate :
Whey Isolate is much more filtered than whey concentrate, allowing the maximum elimination of carbohydrates, lipids, calories and lactose. This explains its higher price than concentrated whey.
Its percentage of protein is higher than 80%, a dose providing about 23g of protein, depending on the brand.

WHEY Hydrolyzed :
Hydrolyzed protein is the top of the line in terms of proteins. The process used pre-digests the protein to release the peptides and amino acids it contains, making them more readily available to the body.
This protein is appreciated for its rapid assimilation, its purity and also has much less lactose! One scoop contains approximately 24 grams of protein.

WHEY Vegan | Vegetable Protein :
Despite some clichés, proteins from plant sources are as qualitative as proteins from animal sources.
In addition to being rich in protein and fiber, they also contain many nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and their aminogram is very interesting. Its protein content is important since it offers about 23 grams for one portion!
You can find a good amount of Whey Vegan with Sport Nutrition !